Store Prices

The Tidewater Council operates a Scout Store at the council service center in Virginia Beach offering a wide inventory of Official BSA Merchandise as well as Outdoor and Camping items.  We frequently go to the Scout Store and can purchase any item that your scout may need.  Listed below are the prices of items frequently needed by Cub Scouts as well as a link to purchase the item from if you prefer.  If you would like to purchase an item through the Scout Store please send an email to

Tiger Handbook$12.99Buy now at
Tiger Hat$14.99Buy now at
Tiger Scarf$8.99Buy now at
Tiger Slide$5.99Buy now at
Wolf Handbook$12.99Buy now at
Wolf Hat$14.99Buy now at
Wolf Scarf$8.99Buy now at
Wolf Slide$5.99Buy now at
Bear Handbook$12.99Buy now at
Bear Hat$14.99Buy now at
Bear Scarf8.99Buy now at
Bear Slide$5.99Buy now at
Webelos Buckle$6.99Buy now at
Webelos Colors$5.99Buy now at
Webelos Handbook$12.99Buy now at
Webelos Hat$14.99Buy now at
Webelos Scarf$9.99Buy now at
Webelos Slide$5.99Buy now at
Cub Scout Belt$9.99Buy now at
Cub Scout Pants$24.99Buy now at
Cub Scout Shirt (Long Sleeve)$29.99Buy now at
Cub Scout Shirt (Short Sleeve)$24.99Buy now at
Patch Vest$14.99Buy now at
Patch - Council Strip$5.00
Patch - Numbers 3$3.00
Patch - World Scout Crest$1.50
Patch - 1$1.49Buy now at
Patch - 6$1.49Buy now at
Patch - 4$1.49Buy now at