Leader Training

To be a fully trained Cub Scout Leader and earn the Trained Leader emblem, a new leader must complete basic training in the following order:

Adult Application

As members of the Boy Scouts of America, high-quality adult leaders are important role models for youth. The adult application helps the chartered organization to select qualified leaders to serve as volunteers. By submitting the adult application you are authorizing a criminal background check of yourself. This check will be made from public record sources. You will have an opportunity to review and challenge any adverse information disclosed by the check.

Youth Protection Training

All adult applicants for membership are required to take Youth Protection Training within 30 days of registering. To take it online, go to www.MyScouting.org and establish an account using the member number you receive when you register. If you take the training online before you obtain a member number, be sure to return to MyScouting and enter your number for training record credit. Youth Protection Training must be completed every two years to remain current.

Fast Start Training

This is the first step to take for any volunteer new to Boy Scouting. This course should be taken before beginning youth activities. You’ll learn the aims and purposes of the Boy Scouts of America’s core program, then zero in on the job. You’ll cover the seven parts of the troop meeting, the troop committee, outdoor program, and other basic concepts of Scouting, all in one short online experience. It’s the best way for someone new to the program to quickly grasp how troop Scouting works and where additional resources can be found.

This program typically takes no more than an hour to complete. Those taking it for credit in local council records must provide their official BSA registration number as part of the user profile.

Leader Position-Specific Training

Fully trained leaders changing leadership roles should take the Leader Position-Specific Training for their new position. The following Cub trainings are available:

  • Tiger Cub position-specific

  • Wolf Cub position-specific

  • Bear Cub position-specific

  • Webelos position-specific

  • Cubmaster position-specific

  • Pack Trainer position-specific· Pack Committee position-specific

These courses can all be taken on MyScouting.org using the E-Learning page 24/7!