8/22/16 Meeting Minutes

The Eagle Club Inaugural Meeting

August 22, 2016 7:00 pm

The inaugural meeting of The Eagle Club met with organizer Jack Habit at the 1929 Boy Scout Hut on Broad Street, home of BSA Troop 164 and Cub Scout Pack 164, in Edenton, NC at 7pm on August 22, 2016. Those present included eight Eagle Scouts: Jack Habit, Adam Evans, John McArthur, Mike McArthur, David McCall, John Morehead, Cabe Sperry, and Brian Ward. Also present were Scoutmaster Skip Perkins, Pastor Kip Vinson (father of rising Eagle), David Beedie – Tidewater Council Representative, and Ron Greene – American Legion Commander.

Organizer Jack Habit welcomed and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, and John Morehead offered prayer for our guidance. Each attendee provided his email address and a brief sketch of their involvement in scouting, and what they hoped to accomplish as a group. Jack opened the floor for constructive suggestions of what would be our goals, and how could we best serve the needs of Scouting through Troop 164. It was decided that our meetings would occur quarterly, with the next meeting on October 18, 2016 at the Scout Hut.

The following topics were presented by various attendees:

1. Mentoring prospective Eagle Scouts. In days past, businesses would lend their expertise toward helping keep scouts focused. The Edenton Rotary club has long provided sponsorship through funding and individual encouragement. John Morehead would ask for continued intervention.

2. Scout Hut restoration and maintenance was discussed at length. Light fixtures will be researched by an archival unit from East Carolina University. Furnishings, both original and current were discussed. Plans for relocating the Hut due to school construction were discussed.

3. Fund Raising has always been an issue for the Scouts. Currently they sell popcorn, doughnuts, and event meals to sustain their activities. Dues are collected from the Scouts to pay for Court of Honor awards. The Pine wood Derby is both fun and financially beneficial when parents get involved.

4. Recruitment of new Scouts has always been difficult, but with today’s youth so connected to electronics, it has become more difficult. Membership drives within the elementary schools is apparently tightly regulated by the schools, thereby making it almost impossible to get fliers sent to the parents through the students.

School Superintendent, Dr. Rob Jackson will be asked to help us overcome that obstacle. The Chowan Herald Editor, Reggie Ponder is an Eagle, and might be willing to help us further our recruiting agenda. Perhaps a good approach would be to strongly recruit Cub Scouts and their families who will advance into Boy Scouts.

5. Obstacles to overcome in today’s youth include the misconception that Scouting is “Not Cool.” Electronic devices have taken over. Promotion throughout the community was suggested as a possible approach to get the message out that Scouting is rewarding and fun. Another obstacle is getting volunteers, whether parents or others to come out and promote the character enhancements of Scouting with the boys. Never mentioned was The Scout Committee that exists within every Troop structure.

6. Rewards reaped by Scouting involvement invariably revolves around “camping and the outdoors,” as reported by David Beedie who sits on the Eagle Scout Boards of Review. Nowhere else can a young boy get the experiences provided him by a competently led Boy Scout Troop such as Troop 164. Scoutmaster Skip Perkins reported on many of the activities currently underway within the Troop, and where the boys are in advancement.

Due to the lengthening of our discussions, it was decided to adjourn at 8:10 pm. We were encouraged to inspire other Eagle Scouts to join us at our next meeting. Each of us was challenged to think long and hard about what we could each do to provide strength to our group’s efforts, and bring to our next meeting our thoughts and ideas of how to make the Troop stronger and more vibrant.


Mike McArthur

F.Y.I. Other “known to us” Eagles: Meader Harriss, Patrick Cardwell, Oscar White, Brian White, Gerry LaVoie, Bud Powell, Alex Kehayes, Shannon Lassiter, Jay Parrish, Ed Jackson, Mike Ervin, George Holmes, Win Dale, Reggie Ponder