7/18/17 Meeting Minutes

The Chowan Eagle Scout Association
Fifth Meeting, July 18, 2017

The fifth meeting of the Chowan Eagle Scout Association convened at 6:00pm on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 with moderator Brian Ward at the 1929 Boy Scout Cabin on Broad Street in Edenton, N.C. Brian provided a great barbecue meal for which we were all thankful. Eagles present were Burton Jones, Jack Habit, Alex Kehayes, John McArthur, Win Dale, Brian Ward, John Morehead, Charles Maus, Eagle Scout and Elder Warren Park from Texas, Eagle Scout and Elder BJay Turley from Idaho, and Mike McArthur. Troop 164 Scoutmaster Skip Perkins and Star Scout Christopher West were present along with Scout Supporters Nancy Caldwell and Dick Caldwell.

Brian welcomed and thanked everyone present and outlined his plan of action concerning re-chartering Cub Scout Pack 164. His goals are to 1. Get the Pack re-chartered, 2. Develop Mentors. 3. Revitalize the Scout Cabin, 4. Set up funding for our club’s initiatives.

Dick and Nancy Caldwell laid out what is necessary for chartering: FIVE TRAINED LEADERS PLUS DEN LEADERS. John McArthur said that Jerry Harrell is only willing to go forward as an assistant to a named leader. It was resolved that having a Cub Scoutmaster in place was KEY to any effort put forward, and that having a supportive Committee is also vital. Brian told us that a retired Army veteran named Richard Charlton from the northern end of Chowan County was looking at coming aboard, and about that time, in he walked, full of enthusiasm and willingness to serve as Cub Scoutmaster. He understands the requirements of Tidewater BSA that he become qualified and “Trained.” He also had good ideas on how to recruit Cub Scouts: back to school night attendance at White Oak School in September, Chowan County Fair attendance, Peanut Festival promotion, flier distribution, and working with the American Legion activities. Newspaper promotion of our efforts was hailed as a very positive ingredient to our success. Recommendations from the floor suggested that recruiting signs be placed in our yards, in front of the Scout Cabin, and upon our vehicles which prompted Scoutmaster Perkins to distribute magnetized stickers with recruiting info thereon.

After long discussion about how to get the Cub Scout Committee in place, the following agreed to serve: Alex Kehayes, John McArthur, Dick Caldwell, Nancy Caldwell, and Mike McArthur. This Committee was encouraged to attend “boy present” activities and show that LOCAL people are behind our effort to re-charter Cub Scouts in Chowan County. In fact, all members of our group are encouraged to participate in these events as a show of support for this mission.

Each member of our group was encouraged to become “TRAINED” through an online BSA course available at www.scouting.org and follow the prompts to “I am a…” then “Volunteer,” then “Training,” then “Youth Protection Training,” then “Log in to My.Scouting to take this course on line.” You will be asked to “Sign In,” and “Create and account” under my.scouting.org . Next you will be asked to select two control questions to ensure the security of your account and continue your eligibility to participate in the Youth Protection Training and other Scouting endeavors. All this is not really difficult, but a NECESSARY prerequisite to becoming a Committee Member, a Merit Badge Counselor, etc.

“Youth Protection Training” is a MUST, and Mike is now sending this email throughout our membership with information on how to accomplish this BSA requirement, and also seek additional members for the Cub Scout Committee; male or female, parent or not. John Morehead shared that The Edenton Rotary Club maintains a standing “Boy Scout Committee” within its bylaws, and that Burton Jones is a member.

Next we shifted our attention to Boy Scout Troop 164. Having just returned from a successful week at BSA Summer Camp Raven Knob in Surry County, Scoutmaster Skip Perkins and Brian shared some of the successes attained: training for leaders, merit badges earned, and general leadership skills developed. Two Scouts need additional certification to earn their Swimming Merit Badge, and Win Dale said that he would check with The Links at Mulberry Hill to gain access to their swimming pool for this couple hours of training. There is a new roof on the storage building at the Scout Cabin site. It was not made clear exactly how that happened, but was done through Skip, and perhaps for free. Skip notified us that after 8 years as Scoutmaster and 8 or 10 Eagle qualifiers, he plans to step down and assist a NEW Scoutmaster after December 31, 2017. Several candidates are considering the job.

There is a move afoot to relocate the Confederate Soldier Monument standing at the base of Broad Street to perhaps the Courthouse Green or Queen Anne’s Park, and the Scouts have been asked to assist in that.

Next we discussed mentoring opportunities immediately available in our Scouting community, and available to be addressed by our group. There are four local Scouts whose fathers have recently died (one heart attack and one in a boating accident), who can use our help. Scoutmaster Perkins will determine how we can best assist. Cub Scoutmaster Richard Charlton reassured us how important attaining the rank of Eagle is when joining the Military Services. Star Scout (now qualified to become Life) Christopher West asked us for assistance when he tackles his Eagle Project in the upcoming months.

Next we discussed Scout Cabin structural deficiencies. Termites have infested the floor on the southwest corner. The overall condition of the exterior logs is good, having been treated several years ago. Brian related the extreme significance of the structure, and its importance within our community. Moving the building from its present location will be further discussed should that probability arise in the future. The Cabin’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places is mostly an honorary designation, but can mean eligibility for funding to maintain/repair such edifice. John Morehead encouraged us to prepare a “punch list” of things that need to be done to the building for his consideration of obtaining either funding or assistance of some type. We noted that many of the pictures of Eagle Scouts dating back 60+ years are either in poor condition or in need of remounting. Several of the pictures are in the process of reworking their presentation, and Mike McArthur and Burton will look into getting that squared away. Also, we need to instigate a process by which the newest flock of Eagles are pictured in the hallowed hall. Landscaping the Cabin was briefly discussed with hedge clipping being recommended.

Mike McArthur presented an engraved Scout Axe to new Eagle Scout Charles Maus on behalf of the Chowan Edenton Optimist Club and the Advance Ruritan Club. The most recent Eagles, Chandler Bunch and Renzo Benavides have not received their axes yet ,and Douglas Perkins axe has not been ordered. The clubs wait until there are 4 or 5 Eagles in the works, buy the axes, obtain the engraving info, send them to the trophy shop, and then present them.

Funding for our endeavor(s) next came before us. At this point we are obligated to Charles Maus, Renzo Benavides, Douglas Perkins, and soon to be Eagle Scouts Luke McKinney and Drew Lazsco for paying their five year memberships (three at @ $25 and two at $35) to the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). This organization provides Eagle Scouts with Scouting tips and guidelines for paying forward their Eagle expertise. Fundraising was discussed, and mulching peoples’ yards was suggested: we buy the mulch, put it out, and get paid a profit above costs, ANNUALLY. Contributions into our cause by each of us in the amount of $25.00 per year was decided upon. Win Dale agreed to be the collector, not the treasurer, so be prepared to deliver to Win your $25.00 contribution at our next meeting or mail it to him at P O Box 245, Edenton, NC. There is a blockage of “fee free” non-commercial bank accounts for non 501 (c) 3 organizations, and Win is checking further into perhaps asking a club already “so designated” to allow our account to be placed into their tax exempt account with access through them by us.

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2017, at 6:00pm. Moderator Brian Ward encouraged all in attendance to go to the Troop/Pack 164 website www.bsa164.com Valuable information is available concerning our BSA Troop 164 Scouting heritage, complete with Eagle Scouts from the 1930s being pictured.
A motion to adjourn passed at 8:05pm.

Submitted by Mike McArthur