4/25/17 Meeting Minutes

The fourth meeting of The Eagle Club convened at 6:00pm on Tuesday the 25th of April, 2017 with moderator Jack Habit at the 1929 Boy Scout Cabin on Broad Street in Edenton, NC. Eagles present (11) were John McArthur, Brian Ward. Bud Powell, Ted Haigler, Cabe Speary, Adam Evans, Burton Jones, John Morehead, Jack Habit, Jerry Lavoie, and Mike McArthur. Also present was our Troop 164 Scoutmaster Skip Perkins.

Jack opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and immediately began a lengthy discussion concerning the likelihood of chartering a Cub Scout Pack. Scoutmaster Skip Perkins shared that the Pack usually meets once per month, and usually at the home of various scouts, Dens meet either weekly or biweekly, and are led by parents. 18 hours of adult scouter training is required, and can usually be accomplished locally. Jerry Harrell, an Eagle and former Pack Leader has been contacted and asked to return to the Pack. His concern was for the parents leaving him “high and dry,” while he was expected to carry too much of the load. A solution to this dilemma was proposed by one of our members that WE would mentor and assist him.

Rechartering our Pack would require, pretty much starting from scratch, and is scheduled for November. A proposal was made to send fliers home into the hands of parents before school closes this June. The intent of the fliers would be to invite boys and their parent(s) to attend an informational meeting at the Scout Cabin sometime within the first month of school in September or October of 2017. The older Boy Scouts could entertain and do some training with the proposed Cubs, while their parents became oriented by Tidewater BSA executives in preparation for the recharter. Tidewater Chapter has fliers that have been successful in the past, but we thought that our own flier, similar to theirs would work better. It was noted that there are hundreds of boys eligible in the Chowan Schools, and there are many eligible who attend Lawrence Academy.

The next topic concerned naming our club. Cabe Speary is investigating the possibilities. The National Eagle Scout Association has options available. During our last meeting a motion passed that we would award memberships into NESA for all boys earning Eagle. I think there are as many as five in the immediate future.

Structural updates and renovations for the Scout Cabin were discussed briefly with John Morehead leading the charge. Brian Ward reported on the extreme significance of the Cabin and stressed the importance of providing for its future, right where it is now located. The date of presentation on the front of the Cabin on the bronze plaque is August 29, 1929. Perhaps the Cabin is eligible for inclusion on the National Registry. Work is still being done to preserve and display photographs of the Eagle Scouts on the walls of the Cabin.

Moderator Jack Habit then thanked our Club for the many contributions that we had made over the years toward the heritage of Scouting and to Troop 164. He noted that he had earned Eagle “way back,” and that he had enjoyed many years of Scouting rewards and benefits such as camping trips, service projects, parades, Camporees, and even Jamborees and Philmont Scout Camp in Cimarron, New Mexico. He then asked for us to allow him to step aside as Moderator, and opened the floor for volunteers. Brian Ward stepped forward. Brian thanked Jack for “breaking the ice,” and getting our club “off the ground,” much the same as any Eagle might do. Brian accepted the challenges brought by being our moderator, and asked us to continue to help make our Club stronger and more involved with upholding the high ideals of Scouting.

Cabe Speary presented walking stick commemorative pins as door prizes to Brian Ward and John McArthur.

After checking his schedule, Brian declared that our next meeting would occur on Tuesday evening, July 18, 2017 at the Scout Cabin.

A motion to adjourn passed at 7:35pm.