10/18/16 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Second Meeting.

The second meeting of THE EAGLE CLUB convened at 6:10pm on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 with moderator Jack Habit in the Law Library of the Chowan County Courthouse.  Eagles present were Cabe Sperry, John McArthur, Adam Evans, Jack Habit, Win Dale, and Mike McArthur.

Preceding the meeting, a brief discussion concerning Cub Scout and Boy Scout recruiting strategies focused on the preparation and placement of two, four foot by eight foot banners touting the attractive attributes of Scouting in an attempt to override the stigma that, “Scouting is not ‘cool’.”  As an effort to broaden our appeal for participation in Scouting, we acknowledged the support from our Sponsor, The American Legion, Edward G. Bond, Post #40       AND   our tremendous support over the decades from the Edenton Rotary Club.  A suggested theme was to display the advancements and changes of Scouting THEN  versus Scouting  NOW.  Adam Evans graciously volunteered to spearhead this initiative with Cabe Sperry and John McArthur’s help.

Upon calling the meeting to order, Jack opened the floor to ideas and suggestions for advancing our goals and objectives as a club.  First onto the table for discussion was how to encourage and accomplish better attendance at our club’s meetings, acknowledging that there was no perfect time or place to meet.  It was decided that 6:00pm was OK for the winter months (darkness), and that we would look at modifying that in the DST months.  With older members, emails and telephones work best.  Younger folks best respond to texting and facebook communication.

We briefly discussed selecting a viable name for our club.  Cabe said that he could set up a facebook page, but it needed the accurate name as it would endure.  NESA, the National Eagle Scout Association might have some guidelines.

Cabe gave a brief update on recent and upcoming events concerning Troop 164 activities:

  1. A recent District Camporee was held at the American Legion fairgrounds.  Also considered tor the location of another event was the athletic field at the Edenton Cotton Mill.
  2. A merit badge camp will be held November 12, 13, and 14 at the U S Coast Guard Base in Elizabeth City, N C.

Next, John McArthur brought to our attention a matter of paramount importance:

CUB SCOUT PACK 164 IS IN DIRE NEED OF LEADERSHIP.  THEY HAVE NOT “CHARTERED” YET THIS YEAR.  John will investigate options with Tidewater Council representative David Beedie.  He attended our first meeting and offered his guidance.   Cabe will speak with Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chappell in Belvidere who might be considering helping with leadership.  It would be wise to look at the list of Cub Scouts from whom a parental leader might emerge.

In order to ensure the successful survival of Troop 164, it is imperative that Pack 164 flourish.

Win Dale shared that the 12/10/2016 Christmas Parade will begin at the CVS Pharmacy parking lot and proceed to the waterfront at the foot of Broad Street.  Three bands are currently committed.

Ms. Sarah Hare is the custodian of the funds generated by rental of the Scout Hut, as it is referred to in the rental contract.   The building and grounds rent for $100.00 and just the grounds rent for $50.00.  The Chowan School System currently has $8470.41 in the account.

As a matter of housekeeping, we decided to conduct our meetings on a semi-formal framework in order to facilitate orderly progression.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 10th at the Boy Scout Cabin on Broad Street at 6:00pm.  A meal provided by members will be served:  hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, and beverages will be enjoyed.  “Be prepared” to be contacted by a fellow Eagle.  Our hope is that 20 Eagles will attend.

A motion to adjourn passed at 7:15pm.